Game of Thrones Replicas are HERE!

game of thrones replicas

Game of Thrones Replicas are HERE!

While we have thousands of swords for sale and add many every day, nothing has hyped us up more than getting to carry the officially licensed replicas from Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones is the hit show on HBO going into its 6th season, is a fantasy oriented medieval show with many characters and locations. The show has gained popularity for its complex plots and beautiful production values. In the show, many of the characters have swords and weapons and replicas of these are now available. These replicas are not some cheap junk like you might find around the internet. These are superior quality swords and armor that have been reproduced from the actual film props. Each Game of Thrones replica comes with a certificate of authenticity and many are strictly limited editions which raises the value of these collectibles significantly. Imagine, being able to wield Needle, Ice or wear the helm of the Unsullied in your very own home. Now you can. Check out our Game of Thrones replica shop today. What replica from Game of Thrones are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

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