Palnatoke Ragnarok Orc Foam Sword for Kids

Palnatoke Ragnarok Orc Foam Sword for Kids


True warriors share!

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The Ragnarok latex foam kids swords from Palnatoke offer all the high end features of their full size counterparts, just smaller. That means safe graduated flex tips, glass fiber core, and the markets most durable coating.

Palnatoke Ragnarok Orc Foam Sword for Kids Features:

  • Synthetic wrap on handle provides a positive grip
  • Soft foam to semihard foam in core provides graduated hardness for safe LARPing.
  • Primet foam before rubber coating – rubber sticks to the foam – extra durability.
  • Rubber coating on cross guard before assembling – cross guards last almost forever
  • Glass fiber cores are tested and selected for optimal performance.
  • Top coating is extreme durable – the strongest on the market. Scratch free and maintenance free. Silicone can be used for cleaning and to obtain a smooth surface.
  • Safe for all ages!
Blade: 23″
Handle: 5″
Overall: 30″
Weight: 5 Oz


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