Ryumon Imperial Katana

Ryumon Imperial Katana

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Welcome to the flagship model of the Ryumon Samurai Swords. The Imperial Katana is handcrafted by the sword makers over at the Ryumon forge who have been hand forging swords for generations. It all starts with a hand forged AISI 1060 High carbon steel blade. The blade is sharpened and hand polished to perfection leaving a distinctly unique hamon. The tsuka is wrapped in authentic top grade rayskin and Japanese cotton. The Akagane (red copper) tsuba has an incredible look of design and authenticity. The wood saya is coated in rich black lacquer and has a rayskin covered throat. The Ryumon Imperial Katana comes with the Signature Ryumon Sword Box, A Satin Brocade bag, quality maintenance kit and reference guide, and a certificate of authenticity.

Ryumon Imperial Katana Features:

  • Extreme high quality in fit and finish
  • AISI 1060 differentially (clay) tempered high carbon steel blade
  • Prominent hamon
  • Top grade Rayskin and Japanese Cotton wrapped tsuka
  • Akagane (red copper) Tsuba
  • High gloss lacquered wood saya with rayskin covered throat and buffalo horn
  • Includes embroidered silk sword bag, hang tag, reference guide and maintenance kit, and certificate of authenticity
  • Measurements:
  • Blade: 29″
  • Handle: 11″
  • Overall: 41 1/2″
  • Weight: 2.7 Lbs

2 reviews for Ryumon Imperial Katana

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought this sword a couple of months ago from Swords of MIght. I would have to say that it’s one of the best looking blades I’ve seen yet. I own six swords and have given a seventh as a gift (most of them I’ve purchased here as well). The hada is magnificent. It’s better than my Paul Chen Bushido katana (which I paid over $800 for). I also own an 8,000 layer folded, laminated, differentially tempered Musashi katana and the Ryumon katana beats that one as well. The wrap on the handle is super tight and well done. The saya is almost as eye-catching as the sword itself too! For this price, you can’t go wrong. It’s an excellent sword. The only thing I’ve noticed that is just a bit off (and I can’t decide wether this is a really anything worth noting) is that the blade doesn’t have much flex to it like my musashi blade. It’s a bit more rigid, but rigid means that it’s more suited for thrusting from what I understand. You know some of the bad-mouthing you read about on all those sword forums about Ryumon? Foolishness. I’ve even read some posts where people claim that the core of the tsuka is plastic. I took mine apart to have a look. Solid wood construction. Everything is high quality. I really don’t get why some people just ignore the Ryumons. Pay their words no heed. I’d buy this sword all over again if given the chance. Thanks Swords of Might for the sword and the excellent customer service. I just can’t stop admiring it. A deadly weapon in it’s own right and a work of art as well.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeffrey D.

    “Ryumon Imperial Katana:

    Overall a beautiful sword, Excellent craftsmanship, tight fitings, well ballanced. Perfectly made Saya.

    1) Blade- the blade is very finely folded steel with a excellent real Hamon, This is a No-Hi blade, extremely sharp (passed paper test easily) along entire blade. Kissaki is well done as is entire blade geometry. polished to a mirror finish, no imperfections at all.
    2) Tsuka- is great, nice large nodule Same, tightly wrapped with brown cotton Ito with perfect diamonds, the copper Tsuba and other fittings look very traditional and give an antique look, no wiggle at all. Beautiful!
    3) Saya- has real horn nicely done, grey Same at the top end with black lacquer after, all with a perfect finish.
    4) extras- It come with a basic cleaning kit, and a gorgeous real silk bag. wish it had the wood box though (Oh well)

    It total- they say this is the “”Flagship”” of the Ryumon line of Katana’s, It is now the Flagship of my collection, I have 2 other top end Ryumons and love them, and 2 other Katanas from name brands (Chen, Handmade) but this one surpasses them by far. I can’t wait to do a limited amount of cutting soon, I am sure this blade will cut tatami/noodles like butter. But, I sure don’t want to scratch it! LOL. reviewed by Jeff D. Thanks again SOM!!!”

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