Welcome to our swords, Knives and collectibles shop. We have thousands of swords and knives for sale. We offer a vast assortment of swords, knives, replicas, self defense gear and many other items that make great gifts for collectors and martial artists alike.

  • Swords


    In olden times, swords were the weapon of the battlefield. From Rome to Japan, there are many different types of swords. Wherever it was made, the sword was used in battle to defend ones honor and country. Here at Swords of Might, we have one of the largest varieties of Swords for sale anywhere. We carry a huge selection of Samurai Swords, Medieval swords and many others. We offer a large amount of both battle ready and decorative swords. You will not find a better place to shop for swords on the internet.
  • Knives


    We have one of the largest selections of knives for sale on the internet. Knives are one of the oldest tools known to man. The first knives were made from rock, flint or obsidian. Today, knives have evolved in construction and now include many different steel types and handle materials. Our knives for sale range from collectible to tactical and everything in between. Each knife we offer for sale has a specific purpose and we are sure you can find one to fit your needs.
  • Medieval Weapons

    Medieval Weapons

    Welcome to our medieval weapons for sale. Here we will offer a selection of weapons from the medieval time periods such as flails, clubs, warhammers, the mace, daggers, and any other weapons from that period in history. You may also want to see our Medieval Swords selection for more weapons to add to your collection.
  • Martial Arts Weapons

    Martial Arts Weapons

    Welcome to our Martial Arts Weapons for sale. Here we cover the basics of the weapons used in many traditional martial arts. We have a wide selection of Bo staffs, Sai, Kama and Nunchaku. Martial arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. While they may be studied for various reasons, martial arts share a single objective: to defeat one or more people physically and to defend oneself or others from physical threat. Many martial arts weapons came from the necessity to defend ones home from invaders as well as their use as tools. There is much mysticism surrounding the martial arts and the weapons that were used by these warriors.
  • Ninja Gear and Equipment

    Ninja Gear and Equipment

    Welcome to our Ninja Gear and Equipment selection. The Ninja employed just about everything as their equipment from farm tools to everyday objects. They had a gear for just about every situation and battle. From the Manriki chain to the grappling hook, a Ninja was always prepared like a modern day boy scout. Our Ninja gear and Ninja equipment are top quality and make a great addition to any practitioner of Ninjutsu or just collectors of Ninja weaponry.
  • Armor


    Welcome to our armor for sale! Back in the medieval days before guns and high velocity projectile weapons, knights used armor to protect their well being from the harm of a blade or incoming arrows. We are proud to offer you armor made to replicate those of olden times from all over the world. Most of our armor is fully wearable and fully functional. We carry many types of armor which includes high quality Chainmail, gauntlets, greaves, Helmets and even fully wearable suits of armor.
  • Crossbows


    A crossbow is great for hunting as well as sport shooting. Since medieval times, a crossbows were used for defending castles, hunting and for showing off the skills of a true marksman, Today's crossbows are much easier to use, more powerful and are mostly made of composite materials. We carry a wide range of crossbows for sale for the medieval collector and modern sport hunter.
  • Axes | Tomahawks

    Axes | Tomahawks

    Welcome to our axes and Tomahawks for sale. Below you will find a wide variety of axes from functional to decorative and medieval to modern. Functional medieval axes are made by hand and hammer and are fully functional representations of their historic counterparts. Functional modern axes and tomahawks are made in high tech facilities with the newest steels and materials. Decorative Axes may look like their functional counterparts, but are meant for display only. Our list of Fantasy Axes are sure to capture the imagination with their outrageous designs and incredible designs. In addition to our axes, we also carry a full selection of traditional and tactical tomahawks for sale.
  • Self Defense - Security Gear

    Self Defense - Security Gear

    Our self defense products and Security gear is designed to help you protect yourself from real life villains or help you catch them. Whether you just want to feel safer or you are a law enforcement professional, we have the security gear for you. We carry a wide variety of stun guns, expandable batons, handcuffs and other self defense and security products to keep you safe on your daily travels.
  • Cool Gifts

    Cool Gifts

    Sometimes you are looking for that cool gift for that special someone. We offer an excellent variety of cool gifts for sale including neat watches, money clips, books, shirts and much more! Are you looking for something cool to give a loved one or friend? These neat and interesting gifts are sure to make your gift the most fun and special. We have a wide variety of ever expanding cool gifts.
  • Historical Replicas

    Historical Replicas

    Our historical replicas are perfect for reenactors and collectors alike. Each historically accurate replica we offer is perfect for those who always wanted a replica gun, badge, sword or piece of history. We carry a huge selection of historic replicas for sale such as replica guns, civil war replicas, Bull whips and old west replicas.
  • Movie Swords & Replicas

    Movie Swords & Replicas

    Welcome to our movie swords and movie replicas category. All of the swords here are exact or at least very close representations of their on screen counterparts. Some of our movie swords are licensed and come with a certificate of authenticity. (This will be indicated in the item description) Our movie replicas are a fun way to have a small part of your favorite film. Movie swords and replicas make great gifts and will be a cherished item by collectors and movie buffs alike.
  • LARP Weapons

    LARP Weapons

    LARP, which stands for Live Action Role Playing, is a prolific medium in which to live out your fantasy of live combat without the dangers of a real sword or weapon. Each of our LARP weapons features a rigid central core with a foam or latex outer shell, shaped and painted to look like a real sword or weapon. Our LARP swords and latex weapons are made of dense foam or latex that is coated with a paint that is resistant to chipping and make great costume accessories. Kids will have a blast with our LARP weapons built for semi rugged use and we even carry Larp shields to protect them from their friends! For costume ideas and accessories, please be sure to check out our Medieval Clothing.
  • Medieval Accessories

    Medieval Accessories

    If you are going to act, dress and talk like you are in medieval times, you cannot go without these medieval accessories. Our medieval accessories are perfect for role playing, theater and decor use. We offer items such as medieval eating utensils, costume accessories and lanterns that will make your period act complete.
  • Medieval Clothing

    Medieval Clothing

    Got your sword, your shield and your armor? What are you going to wear with that, jeans and a t-shirt? Here we offer a selection of medieval clothing such as shirts, pants, tunics and cloaks. All of our medieval clothing for sale is top quality and period correct.
  • Training Weapons

    Training Weapons

    To learn how to defend against an attacker means you must be put in that situation over and over again in a training drill. Our training weapons allow for this to be done safely with the use of plastic and rubber training weapons that simulate the feel of a real knife, Sword or gun, without the risk of danger during drills. We carry one of the largest selections of training swords anywhere. These swords are made of nearly unbreakable polypropylene and are perfect for training drills and practicing sword form.
  • Survival Gear

    Survival Gear

    What happens when the grid goes down and all of the world is in pandemonium? You need to be equipped for survival. Our survival gear will help you to stay alive if there is an apocalyptic event. We offer a huge selection of survival food, shelters, blankets and other items. It doesn't always have to be an apocalyptic event either. Getting stranded on the side of the road, or on a hiking trip can mean grave injury or even death if you are not prepared. According to many experts, the main things you need for survival are:
    • A cutting tool, (Survival knife)
    • Cordage (Paracord)
    • Fire (Metal match or flint)
    • Water or a container to carry water
    • A food source or a way to trap or gather food
    If the system goes down and all hell breaks loose, you must be ready to survive and our survival gear will make sure you are ready... just in case.
  • Sporting Goods

    Sporting Goods

    We carry a variety of sporting goods featuring hunting gear, fishing and camping gear. Our sporting goods are sure to compliment your new knife or weapon as you venture into the great outdoors.