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110% In Stock Guarantee

Here is our promise to you: Swords of Might will sell quality products to customers we cherish at unbeatable prices. We will treat our customers with respect and ask that they return the favor. We have over 4,000 products currently in our warehouse ready to ship today, and have ready access to over 10,000 products in digital inventory that arrive at our warehouse within five days and arrive to domestic customers within another five.

We guarantee the availability of our products 110%. If you catch us in an error, we’ll give you 110% credit to get any of our other 10k+ products, or we’ll refund you and burn our inventory manager at the stake.

We are small but mighty. We fight hard to get you the best shipping rates possible, and free shipping on orders over $250. We are honorable. Ask any of the customers that have been with us for almost 15 years.