Beginners Guide to Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are iconic pieces of art as well as weapons. They are also known as the Tachi, Katana, or Daito. The sword is typically made with a Japanese steel – Tamahagane. Its production started during the 12th century and Samurai became a recognized symbol in the industry of Japanese martial arts. Moreover, several people have referred to it as the deadliest martial arts weapon.

Samurai Sword History

The history of this type of sword is as old as 1300 years. The initial and earliest Japanese swords consisted of double-edged iron blades and were inspired by the Chinese Jian category of swords. It was during 700 AD that the popular and unique Japanese Samurai swords evolved into the form that many recognize to this day.

Towards the end of the fourteenth century the Samurai sword was effectively standardized in accordance to the regulations of Tokugawa shoguns. The more than 200 years of fighting had lowered the quality of the swords, because the makers focused on mass production, rather than quality – that prompted the loss of the old sword making techniques, and the Samurai swords made during that period couldn’t match the quality of their predecessors.

The best and highest quality swords were only developed after peaceful times returned to Japan. In the centuries of 16th and 17th most sword smiths tried to rediscover the ancient sword making methods. However, the sword smiths were not able to stay in business for a long time because in 1876 the Haitorei edict banned people from carrying swords and guns on the streets. This reduced the demand of swords, and many sword smiths went out of business.

The police and the defense force serving in the imperial army were the only ones permitted to carry swords. Today, the Samurai swords made with traditional techniques are referred to as Shinsakuto, which means newly made swords. Moreover, the Japanese now consider the Samurai sword asan object of art and not a weapon. Also, several consider the manufacture of the sword an art of sacred.

Samurai Sword Facts

The Samurai sword is about 60 cm to 70 cm long. When buying a Samurai swordits very important for one to ensure that the grip is correctly fixed to the blade. If the grip is not correctly fixed it is likely that the sword is replicated.Making the use of a sword that doesn’t have a correctly fixed grip can be risky. Safety should be the number one concern whenever one is using any kind of sword for any reason. There are also still many formal martial art styles and schools that teach the use of the samuri sword. These include Laijutsu, Laido, Kendo, Aikijiujitso, and Battojutsu. The Samurai sword is a well designed weapon that needs careful use, as well as training. If you are an enthusiast of a martial arts, you should think about getting yourself a Samurai sword. Not only will it make a great addition to any routine or demonstration, but also look great in a display case or hanging from a wall.

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