Sword Steel – A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Sword Steel – a Complete guide When choosing a sword, many people may ask, “What is the best sword steel?”. This question is a very complicated answer because choice of sword steel depends on what the sword will be used for. If you are looking for a decorative sword, you would want a steel that requires little maintenance and will be shiny for years to come. Stainless steels usually fit this bill, .

Swords of the Past – Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto Katana

hanwei 25th Anniversary ShInto Katana Handle Sageo Tsuba
Welcome to another Swords of the past installation. This time we are focusing on another Hanwei sword from the past. The Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto katana. Hanwei always out classes itself with its anniversary swords and this one was no different. The 25th anniversary Shinto was much like the regular Shinto katana, but it featured silver plated fittings. The blade was not made of T10 steel, but of their own proprietary HWS-1S Steel and a .

Knife Steel – A Complete Guide

Knifemaking 7" Overall Knife Blade Damascus Skinner BLDM2709
Knife Steel – A Complete Guide to knife steel. When first looking to buy a knife many people just look at the picture and say “that looks good”! Little do they know that a knife’s look is only half of it. The type of steel, hardening and handle materials will matter much more than its pretty looks. Of course, if you just want a knife for its looks, then buy all means, head over .

United Cutlery Videos

United Cutlery Videos Pic
As Cold Steel has shown, videos are the real proof in what your swords and knives can do. United Cutlery videos show this same proof and are as fun as they are informative. See our full line of awesome United Cutlery products each with its video on the page! Check out some of their cool videos below: Combat Commander Jungle Tanto Machete United Cutlery M48 Destroyer Tomahawk United Cutlery M48 Magnum Spear United Cutlery Honshu .

Swords of the Past – Hanwei Tactical Katana

In this installation of Swords of the Past, we will be looking at one of the original “Tactical swords”; The Hanwei Tactical Katana. This sword, one of our best selling ever was discontinued a few years ago due to the manufacturer saying it could no longer produce this sword at a competitive price point. We have had many customers since say they would pay twice the original price just to get one. Rave reviews .