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Real Swords vs Fake Swords

Real Swords vs Fake Swords
A common question for us is: “Are the swords you sell REAL?”. This isn’t the best way to look at it. A sword is meant to serve a purpose. If that purpose is to have something nice on display in your home, den, or office, pretty much any sword will do (as long as you like the look of it). Even very inexpensive swords can be beautifully designed and hand-painted. These swords are “real” .

Cool Swords To Buy In 2017

You finally got your own place. It’s awesome and newish and all yours. You suddenly realize you have no furniture. So what’s the best way to decorate to make your home look great? Something that will have class, style, all while being timeless and yet still unique? The answer is – A sword! Yes, a sword is a gorgeous piece of art, a functional weapon, and a great conversation starter. You can scare the .

Beginners Guide to Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are iconic pieces of art as well as weapons. They are also known as the Tachi, Katana, or Daito. The sword is typically made with a Japanese steel – Tamahagane. Its production started during the 12th century and Samurai became a recognized symbol in the industry of Japanese martial arts. Moreover, several people have referred to it as the deadliest martial arts weapon. Samurai Sword History The history of this type of .

Things To Know About The Katana Sword

What is A Katana Sword? The term “Katana” was initially used to refer to any sword with a curved blade, even if it were a foreign sword or happened to be double edged. However, modern usage has honed it down to refer to the typical Japanese Katana sword. Also, the Portugese have borrowed this term in their word Catana, which refers to what some call a machete. A very large Katana might be mentioned .