Cold Steel Videos

Cold Steel Videos are some of the best marketing for swords and knives ever made. Cold steel, self proclaimed “world’s sharpest knives” make some very useful products for the modern day warrior. Cold steel made a name for themselves when they started producing high end torture test videos showing their products in action. Using everything from cars to pig carcasses, these videos show that their swords and knives can perform incredible feats.

We carry the entire line of cold steel swords and knives and each product page includes the Cold steel video for that product. Below, we will show you some of our favorites. Sit back, relax and grab a cup of your favorite beverage!

Warrior Series Swords

Dragonfly Series Swords

Grosse Messer

Hand and a Half Sword Extreme Endurance test

Italian long sword

Hope you enjoyed these videos by Cold Steel as much as we did!

To see our full ine of Cold Steel products (with videos) click HERE

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