Cool Swords To Buy In 2017

You finally got your own place. It’s awesome and newish and all yours. You suddenly realize you have no furniture. So what’s the best way to decorate to make your home look great? Something that will have class, style, all while being timeless and yet still unique? The answer is – A sword! Yes, a sword is a gorgeous piece of art, a functional weapon, and a great conversation starter. You can scare the local crazies and show it off.To help you on your journey to awesome, we made a list of cool swords to buy in 2017.

Cold Steel Cutlass

A cutlass is the perfect combination of functionality and style.This cold steel beauty is splendid enough to make grown men weep. It has a half basket guard to protect your hand from the deadly attacks of any violent enemies you may encounter, while the blued blade is the ideal combination of deadly and stylish, making it a great display piece.

Shinwa Damascus Steel Katana

This Shinwa Katana has an unusual double-edged blade, perfect for thrusting and slashing, and is ready to be used on any worthy ninja mission. The one of a kind Shinwa style of forging makes it extra special. The blade is heated to over 1100F, making it incredibly strong and flexible while ensuring that it shines like the sun when displayed.

Damascus Blade Saber Sword

The genuine bone handle and Damascus steel blade make this saber into something really special. The Damascus pattern is a result of the forging process. The wavy and scinilating lines are enough to have you gazing at it in a trance for hours. It adds extra ‘dash’ in dashing if there’s ever a requirement to pass offas a calvery officer.

Chinese War Sword

The blade of this Chinese War Sword is sharp, light and able to cut through armor. It is well balanced, curved and fast. This war sword is beautifully terrifying as a display and incredibly functional in battle. Strapping this sword on will definitely make you feel a lot more comfortable when fighting invading zombie Huns.

Orcrist – The Sword Of Thorin Oakenshield

If a high-quality scimitar and falchion had a really alluring love child, it would most likely look like Orcrist. Its intricate grip design and slightly curved single-edged blade are enough to make most sword lovers swoon. It’s incredible for recreating mythical battles in your living room or reclaiming your long lost homeland.

Jon Snow’s Longclaw

Longclaw’s appeal is twofold. The blade is the same size as that of a traditional long sword, but its handle allows double-handed use, providing greater power and better maneuverability. For those of us who carry most of their power and strength in the torsos and legs, this type of grip makes it simple and easier to use your body strength to thrust or slash through your opponent.

Cold Steel Viking Sword

The Celtic edging on the pommel makes this Viking sword a piece of art. Archaeologists who spent years studying the Vikings always include this sword in their top list. Not only that, this double-edged carbon steel beauty is superior enough for home defense while the Celtic edging on the pommel elevates it to high art.

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