Custom Build Your Own Katana

Finally we are now able to offer you a custom katana at an incredible price! Our custom build your own katana features a variety of Blades, Tsuba, Saya, Tsuka and even seppa and habaki! Our custom katanas Feature a variety of blades to choose from and are full tang real forged blades. Each has a great fit and finish, and each part can be ordered separately. This is great as if you want to switch out a tsuba or tsuka, all you have to do is order one and it will fit. Never before have such options been available, but Ryujin swords have now made these incredibly modular swords available through Swords of Might. To see all of the options available, please check out our Custom katana page. For some preview pictures, see below:

About Swords of Might

Swords of Might is one of the oldest and largest sword stores on the internet. We sell a vast variety of swords, knives and collectibles.

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