Essential Kitchen Knives You Really Need

It’s not very hard to argue that the knife is one of the most important tools ever created. It would be very hard to find a household anywhere on the planet that did not have at least one kind of knife lying around for regular use.  There are hundreds of styles and variations of knives in the world. Every knife has a particular task that is designed for. Some are made to be easy to carry in the pocket while others are so large that they must be carried in a sheath on a belt. There are number of knives available to list in one guide, but the below given are the most essential knives available.

Chef’s Knife

Chef's Knife

The chef’s knife is the basic general purpose cooking knife utilized in most kitchens. The chef’s knife is anywhere from six to fourteen inches in length and is utilized for chopping and slicing everything from vegetables to meat. It is made to perform well in various different applications and it is tough enough to disjoint big cuts of meat and delicate enough to mince garlic. It is the perfect knife to perform almost all the application in the kitchen.

Folding Knife

The folding knife includes a blade that folds down into the handle and can be easily carried on a belt or in the pocket. The folding knife has only one blade that is made for general-purpose use and can be anywhere from one to eight inches in length. This folding knife usually has a lock-blade design and when opened, works much in the same manner as a larger fixed blade knife. The convenience of this folding knife makes it apart and is very useful wherever a large blade is required, but a fixed blade knife would be very inconvenient to carry.

Bread Knife

This bread knife is utilized to cut delicate bread without crushing it. The blade of the bread knife is usually between six and ten inches long and the entire cutting edge of the knife has small serrations. This enables the blade to cut in a sawing motion, which dramatically minimizes the amount of pressure required to slice through the bread. Bread knife’s serrated blade is also ideal for cutting into the softer produce like tomatoes that can be squashed by the other knives’ pressure.

Hunting Knife

The hunting knife, also called as the skinning knife, is utilized by hunters to prepare and process game after they have filled it. This hunting knife is designed to skin creatures and cut up the meat and the blades normally are from three to six inches in length. There is a wide range of different blade styles in hunting knives and they can be utilized for other general tasks, but they all are designed basically for preparing game. It is the one knife a hunter absolutely requires when venturing out into the field. This fixed blade hunting knife is powerful enough to withstand the job of skinning tough and large animals.


The machete is a big knife with a blade that ranges from twelve to twenty-four crawls long and is essentially utilized as a tool to chop and cut tough or large objects. The machete is very famous in subtropical and tropical regions where local people utilize them to cut through heavy jungle growth or on small farms for a variety of chopping and cutting chores. In more temperate regions, it is often utilized for cutting back tree limbs and overgrown bushes in the backyard. It can cut like a knife and chop like an axe and can double as a formidable weapon if required.

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