Forged In Fire Season 2

Forged in fire season 2 debuted  on February 16! If you have not seen this show season one focused on some smiths in a competition to win 10,000 dollars for forging the best knife or sword. Forged in fire is a must see for an knife or sword collector as you get to see what it takes to make a hand forged sword or knife. The show features a mix of trained and self taught smiths that have to forge a blade in the first round. There are parameters they must forge the blade by, and rules they must follow. There is usually some kind of twist and it is very exciting to watch. After the first round, a smith will be sent home.

In the second round, they actually test the blades using tried and true tests like chopping ice and rope. After this round another smith is sent home.

In the third round there will only be two smiths left. They are then given the task of making a fully functional replica of a sword, knife or weapon as chosen by the judges. Check out the trailer for season two below:

If you must, get caught up on season one which is on demand at your favorite streaming service. A Very fun show to watch for sword and knife collectors as well as would-be smiths.

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