Guide to find out Coolest Katanas

Swords can be a fatal weapon or a striking display of stunning craftsmanship. Either as a deadly weapon or a decorative art piece, now days most people buy swords for the reason that they have a passion for martial arts,  or they want to be a collector as they look cool.

Katanas is one the historic swords that has an extensive historical significance and finding coolest katanas for sale can be an exhausting process. There are wide ranges of options accessible to you, many of which look very similar to a beginner & cause great confusion about what to buy.

We here provide a simple guide to those who have a passion for martial arts to help them in finding out coolest katana. Our guide will really help them in identifying what katana would be best for them.

You have to follow these steps to get one of the most significant pieces of Japanese artillery in history, the katana:

  1. 1. What type of katana blade is best for you
  2. 2. Size of Katana
  • What Type Of Katana Blade Should I Get?

For the first time purchasers it may not be well-known that there is an assortment of katana swords to choose from, as they vary in their composition & blade cut. The cutting ability, strength & weight, all are considered down in the design, material, & forge method used to create the coolest katana.

The various types of katana swords are

You presumably will face any of the following metal types, while determining the katana sword blade you’d like to get:

Folded Steel (Tamahagane)

Tamahagane blades have a large amount of carbon composition that is strengthened by its forging process. These swords are typically the most expensive due to their extensive making time. These katanas are greatest for those who have a large amount of income to spend on a sword & have been practicing martial arts for quite a long time.

This blade type would be more preferable for you, if you are looking for a strong katana to use for cutting. These katanas are also extremely wanted by sword collectors.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel blades are primarily used as centerpiece as opposed to functional swords, because these Stainless Steel katana are more aesthetically appealing.  These sword blades are more brittle & can break down with a hard bang as their molecular composition is not as durable as the carbon steel or the folded steel.

You should avoid any stainless steel blades, if you want a katana that you can actually use. They do make nice wall-hangers or centerpiece due to their high chromium composition which visually enhances the sword. You can use them, if you are decorating your apartment building.

Carbon Steel

The carbon steel katanas are common in the market & seem to be the most preferable one when you are looking for a combination of quality as well as price. These types of katana are usually favored due to their strong durability. Because of their chemical makeup, carbon steel blade is much harder than stainless and can achieve a sharper edge quickly.

T10 Tool Steel

T10 is newer steel that is being used in katana manufacturing. It is made up of Tungsten alloy with high carbon content and smaller silicon content. These swords are superior than other 1095 carbon steel & are much more durable due to the mixture of high carbon content & silicon.

Combination Materials

These swords are made up of a combination of 1095 high carbon and folded steel and are one of the most popular types of katana swords. These swords are hard at the core yet durable.

There are a vast variety of other metals that swords are made from but the one described above provide you with the essentials to help you narrow your path of determining the type of metal your katana would have.

We must now discuss what size of katana you need so that you can identify them properly.

  • Katana Length

The length of the Tsuka or handle of katana is very significant in order to have the proper balance and leverage. The length of the Tsuka required can vary depending on what training you are in.

Why the size of the Katana is so important? Well, if you like having all of your body parts intact and wants to keep them, then it is essentially important. You can run the risk of miscalculating the distance from your target, if you are performing martial arts with a katana that is too big for you and this could even result in deadly accidental.

The best way to measure the length of katana blade is the tsuka-to-arm-length ratio. In this method you can use the length of your forearm to get an idea of how long the katana tsuka should be.

Follow these above steps to get one of the coolest katana. Finding the coolest katana that ally with your style can be very hard, but these steps can help you in narrowing down the options to few.

We hope this katana readiness guide may be extremely valuable in making your journey amazing to become a trained swordsman.

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