It is time to LARP, But what is it?


What is LARP?

What is LARP? LARP which stands for Live Action Role Playing has become something of a sport since the years it was first introduced. This fantasy role playing involves battles (sometimes on a massive scale) with LARP weapons including swords, staffs and axes. LARPing can be fun for the whole family and Swords of Might has all of your larp gear.





LARP WEAPONLARP weapons are basically made to simulate the real thing, but are made of foam with a flexible core. In real Larp weapons, this is no ordinary foam. It is made in a way that will prevent shredding and with maintenance, will last many years. The best Larp swords and weapons will have a fiberglass core and kevlar re-enforced tips to prevent the core from cutting through the end of the weapon during combat. Such weapons can be found in the Palnatoke and Epic Armoury brands. While these larp weapons mat seem expensive, they are extremely durable and safe and will be allowed for use in real LARP communities.

There are hundreds of LARP weapons to choose from that will fit into the character you wish to be. These include larp swords, axes, bows, staffs and maces. There are also many complimentary weapons like daggers and so on. There are also companies like Hero’s Edge who make less expensive LARP style foam swords and weapons, but these will not last as long and are not as safe to use.

Roman LARP ShieldLARP Gear

There is also a ton of Larp gear that will complete your entire character. Things like costumes, bags and accessories are great for putting the finishing touches on your LARP character. There is no limit to the amount of customization you can achieve when adding these items to your outfit.


The main thing to remember is to have fun! You can also learn how to make your own LARP weapons, just check out Youtube. There are tons of videos showing how to make your very own foam swords and weapons, like this one below:



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