Replica Guns

Our replica guns or prop guns are made of the highest quality materials and are 100% historically accurate replicas of the guns they represent. Each gun replica we offer for sale is a great collection piece or for use as a stage prop or film prop. We have blank firing guns as well as holsters, cartridges and gun belts for each of the guns in our collection.

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  • Blank Guns

    Blank Guns (1)

    Blank guns or, blank firing guns are perfect for reenactors an collecting purposes. Our blank guns are made of the highest quality materials and have been used in many movies throughout the years. The perfect prop for stage and theatre use, these guns look, feel and function just like the real thing. We also sell the blank ammo to go with each gun offered.
  • Modern Replica Guns

    Modern Replica Guns (1)

    Our modern replica guns are perfect for collecting and reenactments. Each of our modern gun replicas is historically accurate and made of the finest quality materials. Many of these are used in modern films due to the realistic look and feel. We carry non-firing and blank firing modern guns to suit just about any collectors tastes.