LARP Weapons

LARP, which stands for Live Action Role Playing, is a prolific medium in which to live out your fantasy of live combat without the dangers of a real sword or weapon. Each of our LARP weapons features a rigid central core with a foam or latex outer shell, shaped and painted to look like a real sword or weapon. Our LARP swords and latex weapons are made of dense foam or latex that is coated with a paint that is resistant to chipping and make great costume accessories. Kids will have a blast with our LARP weapons built for semi rugged use and we even carry Larp shields to protect them from their friends! For costume ideas and accessories, please be sure to check out our Medieval Clothing.

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  • Larp Bows and Arrows

    Larp Bows and Arrows

    Larp Bows and Arrows are great for LARP archers looking to take out soldiers from afar. Larp bows are made of durable fiberglass and will provide many years of service. Larp Arrows are made like other LARP weapons and feature tips that are safe for use on the field.
  • Larp Axes

    Larp Axes

    For an excellent weapon for Larping, look no further than our LARP Axes. These larp axes are of the highest quality made today and will give you many years of "chopping service" in the field. Whether you need a wood chopper for role play or a full on larp battle axe, we have you covered.
  • Larp Daggers

    Larp Daggers

    A larp dagger is the perfect compliment to any of our Larp swords. Great for a backup weapon, a Larp dagger is great for close quarters fighting or for when you lose your main weapon in a fight.
  • Larp Throwing Weapons

    Larp Throwing Weapons

    Our larp throwing weapons are perfect for longer range fighting. These larp throwing weapons are made of top quality foam and cores and have great details for very realistic battles. Our weapons include shurikens, throwing knives and others.
  • Foam Weapons

    Foam Weapons

    Foam weapons make great practice weapons for light contact and just for funning around. While not quite up to Larp specs, these swords and foam weapons are great for a cheaper way to Larp. These foam swords and weapons are made of foam and have a rigid core, but are not reinforced or made of the more durable foam like the higher quality larp swords. Still, these foam swords are great for stage use as they look pretty real and handle great!
  • Larp Maces

    Larp Maces

    Time to cause some real pain on the Larp Battlefield! These Larp maces are perfect for causing the maximum amount of damage to your Larping opponent. All of Our Larp Maces are top quality foam with a fiberglass core and made for years of use.
  • Larp Spears/Staffs

    Larp Spears/Staffs

    Time to get some distance between you and your enemies. Our Larp spears are of the highest quality and perfect for your next LARP adventure. We also have LARP staffs for those of you in the martial arts or wizardry.
  • Larp Gear

    Larp Gear

    We have tons of LARP gear for sale that will get you more than prepared for your next battle. We have larp gear such as belts, sword hangers and LARP silicone.
  • Larp Shields

    Larp Shields

    A LARPer needs to defend his or herself... What are they to do? Simple, get a larp shield! Our foam and latex larp shields are high quality defence against all usurpers and will guarantee you will last longer on the battlefield.
  • Larp Swords

    Larp Swords

    We have a massive selection of foam LARP swords for sale. Live action role playing swords are great for mock battles and supervised child's play. Larp swords are made of dense but soft durable foam and have a flexible core. These swords are used in mock combat known as LARPing by organizations all over the world They also make for great costume, stage and theatrical swords.
  • Basic Larp Sword

    Basic Larp Sword

  • Celtic Larp Dagger

    Celtic Larp Dagger

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Kirito's Dark Repulser Foam Sword - Sword Art Online

    Kirito’s Dark Repulser Foam Sword – Sword Art Online

  • Right Handed Larp Swordholder Black/Brown

    Right Handed Larp Swordholder Black/Brown

  • GoT Longclaw – John Snow Foam Sword (Officially Licensed)

  • Blue Zelda Master Larp Sword

    Blue Zelda Master Larp Sword

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • Silicone Spray for Larp Swords

    Silicone Spray for Larp Swords

  • Crusader Larp Shield

    Crusader Larp Shield