Survival Gear

What happens when the grid goes down and all of the world is in pandemonium? You need to be equipped for survival. Our survival gear will help you to stay alive if there is an apocalyptic event. We offer a huge selection of survival food, shelters, blankets and other items. It doesn’t always have to be an apocalyptic event either. Getting stranded on the side of the road, or on a hiking trip can mean grave injury or even death if you are not prepared. According to many experts, the main things you need for survival are:

  • A cutting tool, (Survival knife)
  • Cordage (Paracord)
  • Fire (Metal match or flint)
  • Water or a container to carry water
  • A food source or a way to trap or gather food
If the system goes down and all hell breaks loose, you must be ready to survive and our survival gear will make sure you are ready… just in case.

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