In olden times, swords were the weapon of the battlefield. From Rome to Japan, there are many different types of swords. Wherever it was made, the sword was used in battle to defend ones honor and country. Here at Swords of Might, we have one of the largest varieties of Swords for sale anywhere. We carry a huge selection of Samurai Swords, Medieval swords and many others. We offer a large amount of both battle ready and decorative swords. You will not find a better place to shop for swords on the internet.

  • Samurai Swords

    Samurai Swords

    The samurai used various weapons, but the katana is the weapon that is synonymous with samurai. Bushido teaches that Samurai swords are the Samurai's soul and sometimes a samurai is pictured as entirely dependent on the katana for fighting. They believe that the Japanese sword was so precious that they often gave them names and considered them as part of the living. However the use of Samurai swords did not become common in battle until the Kamakura period (1185-1333), where the tachi and uchigatana (the predecessor to the katana) became prevalent. The katana itself did not become the primary weapon until the Edo period. After a male child of the bushi was born, he would receive his first katana sword in a ceremony called mamori-gatana. The sword, however, was merely a charm sword covered with brocade to which was attached a purse or wallet, worn by children under five. Upon reaching the age of thirteen, in a ceremony called Genbuku, a male child was given his first real swords and armour, an adult name, and became a samurai. A katana and a wakizashi together are called a daisho (lit. "big and small"). The wakizashi itself was a samurai's "honour blade" and purportedly never left the Samurai's side. He would sleep with it under his pillow and it would be taken with him when he entered a house and had to leave his main weapons outside. The Tantō was a small dagger sometimes worn with or instead of the Wakizashi in a daisho. The tanto or the wakizashi was used to commit seppuku, a ritualized suicide. Welcome to our Samurai Swords section. The Samurai sword (Also known as a katana) dates back in tradition to ancient times where a man depended on his blade to defend his life and his honor. Most of the Japanese Swords found here are well equipped for that purpose as well as for use in the art of Tameshigiri (Practice cutting with tatami or beach mats). Our Battle Ready Samurai Swords are equally impressive both for functionality as well as for a classy show piece. We currently offer Hanwei, Bushido, Musashi and a good selection of handmade battle ready Samurai swords for sale. We have scoured the globe to bring you the best Japanese Samurai Swords at the cheapest prices around.
  • Swords Under $100

    Swords Under $100

    We have a lot of requests for swords under $100 for sale, so we have compiled a list of all of the swords we carry that are 100 dollars and under.
  • Medieval Swords

    Medieval Swords

    There are many different types of medieval swords: Broadswords, Claymores, Rapiers, Sabres Falchions and Spatha. We are proud to offer you a fine selection of the the finest European swords for your buying pleasure. There are a few top manufacturers of battle ready medieval swords for sale today and we are adding more all the time. Currently we carry Cold steel, Valiant Armoury, Rittersteel, battlecry and the Hanwei medieval swords line among many others. We also have a selection of decorative, cheap medieval swords if you are looking to just dress up your castle for as little money as possible. With the current uprising of samurai swords we have not forgotten you medieval sword enthusiasts. We have many medieval swords for sale that is sure to suit your needs. Be sure to also see our Medieval Weapons for a different selection of arms from this time period.
  • Chinese Swords

    Chinese Swords

    Chinese swords have a long history in China. Stone swords were used in prehistoric times. Bronze swords have been traced back to the bronze daggers of the Western Zhou period, but did not come into common use until the Eastern Zhou period. Bronze long swords suddenly appeared during the mid-third century BC. Later swords were made of iron or steel. These metals were wrought, never cast. Chinese Swords commonly reached a length of 70-100 cm, although longer swords have been found. Chinese iron swords were used in Japan from the third to sixth century AD, but were replaced with Korean and native Japanese swords by the middle of the Heian era. Some different types of Chinese Swords include the Butterfly swords, Dao, Dadao, Hooks Swords and the Jian. Although not as popular as the Japanese Samurai Swords, the Chinese use their swords in their martial arts to deadly effect and will always have the edge in movement and speed.
  • Ninja Swords

    Ninja Swords

    The Ninja sword, Nin-to or Ninjato is a straight-bladed sword very similar in respect to the katana. (Samurai Sword) Ninja swords however were usually inferior to the Samurai swords as the Ninja sword was made with inferior steel and knowledge as the Ninja were not a recognized social class in Japan and had little money to hire a skilled smith. Ninja swords were used differently than the Samurai and were made more as a tool than a weapon of art. Ninja swords were made shorter than the katana but had many more uses. The scabbard for instance was made longer than the sword, about 3 to 4 inches longer. At the end of the scabbard there was a hidden compartment that was used to hide small weapons such as spikes, daggers or small amounts of poisons. Another use the sword had was that it could act as a small step by jamming the blade into the ground, the ninja could use the hand-guard as a step to get that extra height needed to scale a wall. Because the blade was not very sharp, the ninja could also use it as a hammer by holding onto the blade (carefully) and hitting with the handle. Also it was common thing with ninja swords to have the tip of the scabbard come off so it could be used as a snorkel.
  • Fantasy Swords

    Fantasy Swords

    Welcome to our fantasy swords category. Ever since role playing games and D&D, fantasy swords have been a most sought after posession of warriors everywhere. Swords of might is proud to offer you a wide selection of Fantasy swords that would make any collector happy. From Dragon's to Skulls our Fantasy sword offering is sometimes a bit on the wild side, but that's the point!
  • Fencing Swords and Rapiers

    Fencing Swords and Rapiers

    Ahh, the gentlemen-like fencing swords. A Rapier generally refers to a relatively long-bladed sword characterized by a complex hilt which is constructed to provide protection for the hand wielding it. While the blade might be broad enough to cut to some degree (but nowhere near that of the thicker, heavier swords in use around the Middle Ages), the strength of the rapier is its ability as a thrusting weapon. The blade might be sharpened along its entire length, sharpened only from the center to the tip (as described by Capoferro), or completely without a cutting edge as called "estoc" by Pallavicini, a rapier master who, in 1670, strongly advocated using a weapon with two cutting edges. A typical example would weigh 1 kg and have a relatively long and slender blade of 2.5 centimetres or less in width, 1 meter or more in length and ending in a sharply pointed tip. We are proud to offer you a selection of modern fencing swords and Rapiers as well as other items like the Main Gauche. If you do not see the Fencing sword you are looking for, please call us as we can order many types of these swords and Rapiers. Also Check out our HEMA swords.
  • Hema Swords and Gear

    Hema Swords and Gear

    HEMA swords are made for combat in events and are used worldwide by many societies. Hema, which stands for Historical European Martial Arts, is a society that practices just that. It is similar to fencing, but uses many different weapons and methods. The HEMA approved swords and gear we have for sale are the best in the world and are used far and wide in many different organizations.
  • Military Swords

    Military Swords

    Welcome to our military swords category. In a time before guns and bombs were the main offensive weapon on the battlefield, military swords were used as cavalry weapons and as a backup to other weapons of warfare. Some military outfits still use swords as a dress companion today such as the Marines. The military swords we offer for sale are great for display and some are built for battle ready use.
  • Pirate Swords

    Pirate Swords

    Argh!! Avast ya scurvy scoundrel. Pirates were the original marauders of the high seas. Pirates used  weapons including pistols and swords. Pirate swords were similar to fencing style blades and usually had a cupped hilt or closed hilt for hand protection. We have a vast amount of Pirate swords for sale, and be sure to check out our entire pirate collection for even more high seas adventure.
  • Reenactment and Stage Swords

    Reenactment and Stage Swords

    Looking for a sword for your next Reenactment or for use on stage? Are you a professional sword fighter and need a trusty stage sword? We have the swords for you! These stage swords are perfect for Reenactors and for use as stage props because they are unsharpened, have reinforced points, and are made specifically for blade-on-blade contact. Each reenactment sword we carry is forged from high carbon steel with wide edges and made to take the abuse of live combat.
  • Spartan Swords

    Spartan Swords

    Swords of Might has a wide variety of Spartan swords for sale. The Spartans were the toughest men to ever grace this planet. Born and Bred to be soldiers, these men were more skilled than other soldiers and more adept at combat than any other army. The Spartans used a combination of Swords, Shields and spears to devastating effect. They would often fight as a cohesive unit that no army could break through called a Phalanx formation. We are proud to offer you the Swords and weapons of these Spartan warriors. Each sword has great attention to detail in both historical and newer more popular details. We have the widest selection of Spartan Swords and shields including wooden variations of each.
  • Sword Canes

    Sword Canes

    It is apparently the case that a license was required to carry a cane in London during the 18th century, possibly because of the use as a weapon, in essence a fighting stick. Sword Canes and stick swords evolved out of this as a hidden weapon for carry. A particular type of walking stick was created, called a Stick Sword. This concealed a blade within the stem, which can be made to appear from a cane so as to convert it into a (normally hidden) weapon. Today, sword sticks are called Sword Canes. Sword canes are great for those who are impaired or just want to "dress up" while still having the protection of a hidden sword. Also known as a zatoichi or shikomizue in Japanese, stick Swords were common in Japan when the government outlawed the carry of Swords. We also have a variety of walking sticks and canes.
  • Anime Swords

    Anime Swords

    We have a huge selection of Anime swords for sale. By the 1930s, animation became an alternative format of storytelling compared to the underdeveloped live-action industry in Japan. Unlike America, the live-action industry in Japan remained a small market and suffered from budgeting, location, and casting restrictions. The lack of Western-looking actors, for example, made it next to impossible to shoot films set in Europe, America, or fantasy worlds that do not naturally involve Japan. Animation allowed artists to create any characters and settings. Anime is now a huge craze among young and old with many of the most popular being from Japan. With the Japanese anime comes many weapons used in these anime films and what better weapon than the sword. Anime swords vary widely and can be very wild in the imagination department. From the ornaments on the swords to the blades themselves, you are going to see many incredible designs in the anime swords as you will in the characters that use them. We are happy to bring to you these anime swords inspired from such anime films as Bleach and Afro Samurai.
  • Video Game Swords

    Video Game Swords

    Welcome to our video game swords section. We have many video game swords and weapons for sale from many popular video games such as Zelda, Assassin's Creed and many others.
  • Viking Swords

    Viking Swords

    Viking swords are some of the most deadly swords on the battlefield. There were many fierce warriors throughout history, but the Vikings may well be the most feared. The Viking warrior would typically fight with a sword and a shield and their swords are almost instantly recognizable by the long sturdy blade, the short guards and the lobed pommel. We carry battle ready Viking swords for sale from such makers as Hanwei, Darksword Armory and Valiant Armoury. We also offer a huge selection of decorative Vikings swords for display purposes.
  • Wooden Swords

    Wooden Swords

    Too young to buy a functional sword? Want to practice your samurai forms or medieval sword forms without danger? Wooden swords have given many warriors the chance to practice their art without danger or worry. Our wooden swords are top quality and made to give you years of hassle free service in the dojo or just your backyard. We carry many different types from medieval, Chinese, Roman, Spartan and Samurai. (Bokken) A wooden sword is a must-have addition to any sword fanatics collection. For Samurai wooden swords, please see our Bokken category. We also have a great selection of training weapons made from other material.
  • Sword Accessories

    Sword Accessories

    Our sword accessories include Sheaths, Belts, Stands, hangers, maintenance kits, metal polish, and the all important sword oil. Did you pick your favorite sword and planning on a purchase? Don't forget, at some point your sword will need some kind of care and maintenance. You will need a bag for carrying your sword, and you may need polish and sword oil to keep it in top shape. You will want to display your sword on either a stand or wall mounted hanger.
  • Sword Grab Bags

    Sword Grab Bags

    Sometimes in life you never know what you are going to get. This is one of those times although one thing we can guarantee is with our Grab Bags, you will get more than your moneys worth! Each of our Sword and Weapons grab bags feature boxes full of Swords, Daggers, knives, decor, stands, and god knows what else. Each Grab bag is designed to give you the most swords and weapons for your money and the higher the grab bag, the more you get!