Anime Swords

We have a huge selection of Anime swords for sale. By the 1930s, animation became an alternative format of storytelling compared to the underdeveloped live-action industry in Japan. Unlike America, the live-action industry in Japan remained a small market and suffered from budgeting, location, and casting restrictions. The lack of Western-looking actors, for example, made it next to impossible to shoot films set in Europe, America, or fantasy worlds that do not naturally involve Japan. Animation allowed artists to create any characters and settings.

Anime is now a huge craze among young and old with many of the most popular being from Japan. With the Japanese anime comes many weapons used in these anime films and what better weapon than the sword. Anime swords vary widely and can be very wild in the imagination department. From the ornaments on the swords to the blades themselves, you are going to see many incredible designs in the anime swords as you will in the characters that use them. We are happy to bring to you these anime swords inspired from such anime films as Bleach and Afro Samurai.

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