Chinese Swords

Chinese swords have a long history in China. Stone swords were used in prehistoric times. Bronze swords have been traced back to the bronze daggers of the Western Zhou period, but did not come into common use until the Eastern Zhou period. Bronze long swords suddenly appeared during the mid-third century BC. Later swords were made of iron or steel. These metals were wrought, never cast. Chinese Swords commonly reached a length of 70-100 cm, although longer swords have been found. Chinese iron swords were used in Japan from the third to sixth century AD, but were replaced with Korean and native Japanese swords by the middle of the Heian era.

Some different types of Chinese Swords include the Butterfly swords, Dao, Dadao, Hooks Swords and the Jian. Although not as popular as the Japanese Samurai Swords, the Chinese use their swords in their martial arts to deadly effect and will always have the edge in movement and speed.

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