Create Your Own Katana

Always wanted to create your own custom katana that was made just for you? Now you can. With our create your own custom katana, you can pick your blade, tsuba, handle color, saya and even the type of habaki. Below you will see a list of component parts which can be ordered separately or all together, which will come with a set of instructions on how to assemble it because the only thing cooler than owning a custom katana is knowing you built it yourself!

Blade – Tsuba – Tsuka – Saya – Habaki – Mekugi – Seppa – Katana Assembly

Please see our size match chart for what tsuka fits with what blade fits with what saya. If you order a create your own katana and the handle is wrong, we will automatically fit the blade with the correct handle and saya.

Size Match Chart
Blade Tsuka Saya
26 1/2″ 10 1/2″ 28 1/4″
27 1/2″ 11 1/2″ 29 3/4″
29 1/2″ 12 1/2″ 31 1/4″
33″ 14″ 34 3/4″

Reviews and Comments from our customers:

“I received my sword today and i love it you guys are amazing thanks for bringing my sword to life i cant wait to show it off thanks so much!” – Jesse G 2/19/2016

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