HWS-1S - HWS-2S Steel

HWS-1s and HWS-2S steel is a proprietary steel made by Hanwei. According to the manufacturer, HWS-1S Steel combines superior performance with an outstanding O-choji hamon. This steel offers the best edge-holding capability and resilience of any blade ever produced by Hanwei. The outstanding performance characteristics of blades forged from HWS-1S steel derive from a combination of the careful selection of alloying elements and a complex processing procedure, basically involving the manipulation of the steel’s carbon content across the blade section. This results in a very tough and resilient blade with a hard, highly abrasion-resistant edge.

HWS-2S steel may be either the same basic steel with a slight difference, but exact specs are not listed. Customers who have purchased the swords made of this steel report excellent cutting ability and edge toughness.

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