Great Helm

Great Helm

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The great helm of the High Middle Ages arose in the late 12th Century from late Spangenhelm designs, in the context of the crusades, and remained in use throughout the 14th century, being gradually replaced by sallet and bascinet. Unlike earlier Norman helmets the Great Helm covered the whole face offering more protection, however it was less than comfortable, with only small holes through which to breathe. Original 12th century Great Helm designs were often flat-topped. In the 13th century this was gradually replaced by pointed or rounded shapes, which meant that most sword blows glanced off, saving the wearer from feeling the full strength.

Great Helm Features:

  • Fully wearable, Handmade 16 guage High Carbon Steel Construction
  • Authentic Design
  • Crusades Cross Design in brass
  • Helm measures 13 inches tall

Stand sold separately.

1 review for Great Helm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is so cool! It is very strong , tough, and shiny! The helmet came in a very padded box. The helm was also covered in a protective oil, wrapped in a plastic covering, and wrapped once more in bubble wrap. No scratches. No dents. You have to clean excess oil off of it with a dry rag but that is all you need to do! I would suggest purchasing or making an arming cap for this helm. This is not a toy! This is pure awesome!

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