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Kukri Set


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The kukri  is a heavy, curved Nepalese knife used as both tool and weapon. It is also a part of the regimental weaponry and heraldry of Gurkha fighters. It is known to many people as simply the “Gurkha Blade” or “Gurkha Knife”. The kukri is designed for chopping and in use resembles a cross between a knife and an axe. Blades are typically 3 – 10 cm wide and 30 – 38 cm long, but size varies. Larger, less practical ceremonial blades may be as long as 70 cm. Blades are deflected at an angle of 20 degrees or more, with a thick spine and a single sharp cutting edge; this causes the end section of the blade to strike square on, greatly increasing chopping effectiveness. Khukris can be broadly classified into two types: ‘siropate’ are used for warfare, while ‘budhuni’ are used for woodwork. Siropate have sleeker and thinner blades, while the budhuni have thicker wider blades shaped more like fish.

Our Kukri Set Features:
  • Sharpened stainless steel blades with traditional “notches”
  • Black wood handles
  • Well balanced
  • Comes with belt sheath for easy carry
  • The ultimate brush cutters
  • Great for fans of Resident Evil
Blade: 13 1/2″
Handle: 6 1/2″
Overall: 20″
Weight: 1.2 Lbs (each kukri)


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