Legacy Arms Witham Viking Seax

Legacy Arms Witham Viking Seax


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The Generation2/Legacy Arms version of the Witham Viking seax is based off a 10th century style and if you notice it is a nice match to the Witham Viking Sword as the pommel and cross guard are also solid carbon steel with copper diamond inlays, then highly polished.

The Blade of this battle ready seax is 5160 tempered carbon steel with a wood handle, wrapped in brown leather. The tang is peened over top the metal end cap of the handle. A hand stiched Leather brown scabbard with belt hanger is included. 

Legacy Arms Witham Viking Seax Features:

  • Tempered 5160 high carbon steel blade
  • Full tang
  • Carbon steel guard and pommel
  • Copper diamond shaped inlays
  • Leather wrapped handle
  • Peened pommel
  • Leather scabbard
  • Battle ready
Overall: 17 1/4″
Blade Length: 12″
Handle Length: 5″
Weight: 14.4oz
Point of Balance: 1 3/4″ below guard


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