Leonidas Larp Spartan Sword

Leonidas Larp Spartan Sword


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our Spartan LARP Sword is a must for any Spartan warrior. This is a great quality LARP weapon, made from durable foam with a strong coat of latex.

The hilt and pommel comes in Gold, Silver or Bronze. Handle colors may vary as well. We will send what is available when ordering.

The Larp Spartan sword is approximately 28.5 Inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as they are hand made items.

Larp Spartan Sword Features:
  • A super low price, great for beginners
  • High safety, approved by the top organizations
  • Strong latex coating
  • Round Flexible fiberglass core
  • Stong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Suede wrapped handle
  • Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred
Blade: 20″
Handle: 4 1/2″
Overall: 27 1/4″
Weight: 8.2 Oz


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