Paul Chen Wind and Thunder Cutting Katana

Paul Chen Hanwei Wind and Thunder Cutting Katana


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This new cutting katana from Paul Chen is designed specifically for the martial artist that needs a sword for the demands of rigorous tameshigiri. The Paul Chen Hanwei Wind and Thunder cutting katana features a heavier and thicker blade with traditional furniture and fittings. The Wind & Thunder is fitted with the black iron Raiden tsuba and Tomoe motif fuchi and kashira. The handle is wrapped in genuine same (ray skin) and the tsuka-ito is premium Japanese black cotton. The saya is done in a traditional black lacquer and the sageo is also black cotton. This sword is an excellent choice for those interested in batto-jutsu.

Paul Chen Hanwei Wind and Thunder Katana Features:

  • Hand-forged T10 tools Steel Blade
  • Authentic, prominent hamon
  • Real rayskin and premium Japanese cotton wrapped tsuka
  • Black iron raiden tsuba
  • Black iron fuchi and kashira with Tomoe motif
  • Black lacquered wood saya
  • Very traditional fittings
  • Thick blade
  • Perfect for heavy Tameshigiri


Blade: 29 1/2″ Tsuka: 11 3/4″ Overall: 42″ Weight: 3 Lbs 5 Oz Point of Balance: 7″ Width at guard: 1.37″ Width at tip: 1.18″ Thickness at guard: .35″ Thickness at tip: .3″ Sori: 3/4″



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