Rittersteel Competition Katana

Rittersteel Competition Katana


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True warriors share!



The strong yet beautifully simple design of this sword is intended for those in the martial arts who compete and use their weapons daily. This sword boasts a thick hand forged blade sandwiched between two pieces of polished ebony wood and pinned with three brass pins. A must for the real modern day samurai.

Rittersteel Competition Swords Features:

  • Hand forged carbon steel blade
  • Ebony wood grip (Triple pinned)
  • True Full tang construction
  • Brass habaki
  • Brass tsuba
  • Comes with riveted black wood sheath and strap


Blade: 28″ Handle: 10 1/2″ Overall: 38 1/2″ Weight: 3.3 Lbs


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