Ryujin T10 Steel Katana - Differentially Hardened

Ryujin T10 Steel Katana – Differentially Hardened



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The Ryujin T10 steel katana line is a mid-level cutting katana series that is perfect for cutting and collection. All of of the blades in this series feature hand forged T10 differentially hardened blades that come very sharp and ready for cutting. The blades are polished to reveal a beautiful authentic hamon. These full tang swords have 1045 carbon steel tsuba, and the handles are wrapped in Rayon silk and authentic rayskin. Each Ryujin katana comes with a Ryujin sword bag, cleaning kit and wood gift box. For the full specs, see below.

Ryujin T10 Steel Katana – Differentially Hardened Sword Features and Specs:

  • Sword type:????????????? Katana Shinken
  • Steel tempering:?????? Differential clay hardened (water)
  • Steel type:??????????????? T10 High carbon steel
  • Polish:????????????????????? Standard
  • Hamon:???????????????????? Gunome/Midare
  • Blade geometry:??????? Shinogi-Zukuri
  • Bo-hi:??????????????????????? Yes
  • Bo-hi type:??????????????? Single
  • Tsuba:?????????????????????? Steel 1045
  • Fuchi / kashira:???????? Steel Higo style
  • Menuki:???????????????????? Brass
  • Seppa:????????????????????? Brass
  • ?Habaki:???????????????????? Brass
  • Mekugi:???????????????????? (bamboo safety pin) 2x
  • Tsuka-ito:????????????????? Rayon silk
  • Sageo:????????????????????? (cord around sheath) Rayon silk
  • Samegawa: ? ? ? ? ? ??? (Ray skin) White
  • Koiguchi / koijiri:??????? Synthetic
  • ?Rockwell hardness?? ? 58
  • Nagasa length:???????? ? 28?
  • Tsuka length:??????????? ? 11.5?
  • ?Overall length:????????? ? 39.75″
  • Sori:?????????????????????????? 0.6″
  • Weight: ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? (without saya) 2lbs 7oz
  • Saya type:????????????????? Black gloss


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