Self Defense Pepper Spray With Pink Case

Self Defense Pepper Spray With Pink Case


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This self defense pepper spray is a must for going down a dark alley. The dragonfire pepper spray is a powerful self defense pepper spray processed from the hottest peppers in the world. Oleoresin capsicum (rated 2 million Scoville units!) is the main ingredient. You simply point this device at your intended target and depress the button. A cone shaped blast will discharge from the unit ranging up to 12 feet. The effect of this pepper spray are instantaneous. The first symptom is disorientation through temporary loss of sight, followed by severe coughing and gasping, and finally an intense burning sensation on the skin and mucous membrane. When self defense is needed, pepper spray is one of the best choices for non lethal means of saving yourself from an attacker. Comes with Pink leather keychain case. Also contains identifying dye! 19% OC.


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