Smith and Wesson Pepper Shield Spray Soft Case

Smith and Wesson Pepper Shield Spray Soft Case


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Smith and Wesson is a company known for quality handguns and knives. Their pepper shield spray continues this tradition of quality self defense products and gives you some piece of mind when walking the streets. There are a few models of this pepper shield spray but all contain the same fast acting formula to stop an attacker immediately. One spray (which can reach an assailant up to 10 feet away) can incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes. The effects are immediate: A severe burning sensation in the eyes with copious tears and coughing. The eyes close inadvertently, the nose runs and skin stings. This pepper spray also contains a dyeing agent which will visibly mark an attacker for positive identification. Used and recommended by law enforcement. This model comes with a soft leather case with quick release keychain.


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