Spartan Spear

Spartan Spear


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True warriors share!



The first reference to the Spartans at war is in the Iliad, where they participate among the other Greek contingents. Like the rest of the Mycenaean armies, it was composed largely of infantry, equipped with short spears, swords, and Dyplon. This was an age of heroic warfare with simple tactics, often little more than a general charge and a great deal of killingit was common for entire armies to be chased down and killed after a rout. The basic tactic of battle was ‘free for all’. In the tradition of “heroic” warfare as portrayed by Homer, the bow was looked down on as unmanly, but the spear also used in long range was a great killing weapon for the Spartans. We are proud to offer you this, our Spartan spear.

Spartan Spear Features:
  • Solid wood shaft with steel exterior
  • Needle like spear point
  • Suede leather wrapped grip
  • Comes apart for storage or shipping
  • Strong and heavy feel
  • Very long – 83″

Overall: 83″ Weight: Almost 6 Lbs


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