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  • 27″” 5.5MM BLADE
  • 39″ OVERALL


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matthew M.

    This is overall an excellent sword. It is a hefty blade but not “clunky”. I mean that it’s not a featherweight but it has weight in all the right places for a well performed swing. The blade is very thick so I’m not afraid of breakage as much because I bought this mainly as a machete, just with more range. The scales on the side are nice as well. My favorite part about this sword, however, is the fact that is is so simple. So many time I have bought pretty swords with multiple parts and have discovered that the more parts there are, the more there is to break. This is a no nonsense blade. No gilding, carving, or anything to make make it look good. That means that they had nothing to cover up in the making of the sword. This is a solid construct indeed!

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    TC I.

    “Don’t be fooled by the 3 stars, I am recommending this sword.

    I actually like this sword a great deal. only gave it a 3 star because I’m just being honest, this isn’t top of the line. but it is what it promises to be, and actually a little better for the price. The handle is a little blocky but if you’re wearing gloves or wrap it, it feels more comfortable. I wish the sheathes were reinforced with fiberglass or something, but considering their design, that’d be easy to do one’s self. The blade is beefy, meaning it can hack away at things pretty well, and its durable. The distal taper, though, is minimal for most of the blade length, and due to the thickness and broadness, the blade is super front heavy. any sort of single handed fencing would be rather difficult with this blade, though two handed its still pretty comfortable. Actually kinda confused by that, as I’ve never seen such a huge disparity between the single handed use and a double handed use of a katana, both being on opposite ends of the spectrum.
    As far as it being a sword, its more than a machete, but its definitely more of a strong work blade than a balanced fencing blade. I’d say if you plan to be out in the woods, are a backyard cutter, or stuck in a zombie apocalypse, this is a really really good blade for the price. Also, if you’re a modification enthusiast, the price to quality ratio makes this an excellent subject to mess around with without fear of error. In particular this is why I got it, and it is a wonderful blank canvas.”

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Geoffrey F.

    It was more than what I was expecting, for the price. It reminds me of higher priced tactical swords with the right modifications, so as to provide a better price per sword, without compromising the quality too much. Overall, I am very please with the item and the price. I have already ordered more of them to provide as gifts. Right now, these are the swords that I would recommend to somebody looking for one of the best possible sword for $50 based off of my present experience.

  4. Rated 2 out of 5


    There are some pro’s and cons to this product, as well as some slight misrepresentations. For the record I’m not a sword snob, I’m just giving an honest ramble review. I’ll admit it’s a cool sword and before I used it I really liked it. I bought is thinking it would make a great beater sword. It is blade heavy with no distal taper but that’s not my main issue with it. Also the blade shape isn’t much like that of an actual katana (although this is pretty clear from the picture). I actually really love the saya finish and the paracord is nice but the koiguchi (saya opening) is far too narrow and makes any attampt at iaido practice very impractical. Also the handle is some sort of plastic, (at least on mine) instead of wood, which I actually did like. The tsuba appears to be plastic as well, still feeling somewhat heavy duty. The blade however… not so much. It says the blade is hand forged but I see no evidence of hammer marks. Perhaps they were polished or ground away but to me this sword seems to be made by stock removal of a steel blank, which in all honesty can still be of good use. However, the heat treat turned out to be far too soft. I bought this with the intention to use it like a do a good machete; clearing thick brush and saplings. I thought since its far thicker than any machete I’ve seen it would be up to the task at hand. It turned out to be a somewhat clumsy cutter, the blade easily bent on less than perfect cuts, and the edge rolled in multiple places trying to cut a small branch. Sounds like faulty heat treatment to me. Perhaps mine was just a dud. I guess I’ll stick with my Cold Steel Chinese war sword machete from now on. It’s a little cheaper, way tougher, handles better, and cuts very smoothly for something with a steep edge bevel. No offense to SwordsofMight. Still a great place to buy swords in my book. I just wasn’t so lucky with this one.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the tactical wakizashi a few weeks ago and after my purchase I HAD to have the katana. I had read some reviews on a sword buyers forum and took a chance on it and im not disappointed in the least. my blades are quite sharp and solid and the tsuba is made of steel not plastic like another reviewer stated, plastic is not magnetic I checked. The handle scales are a hard rubber not wood like described and has for being hand forged I couldn’t say but ive sliced thru a water bottle like butter and split a 12 inch long 2×4 without a second thought. Now I did not cut across the grain but that’s what saws are for.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clayton lea (verified owner)

    I am a handmade Katana collector and avid tatami Matt cutter. The quality of these ten Ryu tactical swords is fantastic! They are what Matt cutters would call heavy cutters!! I have 32 katana’s with two of them valued over 2,000 a piece and functionality wise this katana blows me away for the price! I thought they would most definitely be stamped blanks of steel at 3/8″ or thicker the length of the blade, however looking closely down the length of the blade they show signs of being heat tempered and quenched to make the suddle curve of the katana blade as light ripples are present the length of the curve only to the trained eye. I highly recommend the set as I bought 2 katana’s and a wakasashi as i am ripping through 4″ thick bamboo tatami Matt’s with one handed swing after barely sharpening the already factory sharp blades! The Swords of might customer service is fantastic and they are becoming my favorite site to buy high quality handmade katana’s cheapest on the web!!!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    jamesbmorton (verified owner)

    Unbelievable quality and feel for the price. If you are looking for a powerful, real-world, work horse of a blade this is the katana for you. Beautiful fit and finish worthy of a show piece with the lethal and razor sharp edge straight out of the box. My new everyday carry machete, sword and personal protection piece all rolled into one.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Charles Stevens (verified owner)

    This is everything advertised. The spine on this thing is HEAVY. DECENTLY sharp out of the box.

    It’s not a display piece… or I’d have given it 5 stars. Great price, great service (7 day’s from order to my door, with a holiday in that week).

    I would definitely buy another product from this dealer… but for now, thanks to this tough as nails sword… I’m ready for the walking dead.

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