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Tsuka For Custom Katana

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Our tsuka, made for our Custom Katana project are available in different sizes and colors. Each tsuka features a wood core with authentic rayskin and cotton cord wrap. Also includes?fuchi and kashira to make these custom tsuka complete. These Tsuka can be ordered separately from our custom katana, but may not fit your katana without some customization.

2 reviews for Tsuka For Custom Katana

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Marquis (verified owner)

    I mentioned I my other review of the T10 blade that I recently installed another Tsuka. I chose the 11.5″ green option. I also ordered two bamboo mekugi pegs as well. The Tsuka comes undrilled. The tsukamaki came very tight, very even diamond pattern and the standard CYOK brass menuki (Buddhist ken sword). The fuchi/ kashira was also same as other CYOK Tsuka as well, appears to be blackened iron. I removed the original black silk Tsuka. The new Tsuka was very tight and required using a 6″ fine tapered file to achieve a good fit that was easy to slide down nakago while still maintaining a snug fit. In order to install it I had to drill a new mekugiana (hole) thru Tsuka and nakago. I used a cobalt drill set and cordless drill to do this. I used a smaller drill bit to create a pilot hole and then removed Tsuka to drill thru steel nakago. I also angled the hole in a way so that both sides of the mekugi ends were visible on ray skin on each side of Tsuka. I drilled the final size a little smaller then the mekugi pegs, and I filed and sanded down pegs to achieve a snug fit. The nakago now has three holes, two for the original factory installed black silk handle and one for the green. I opted for a single hole for green Tsuka because there wouldn’t be enough hole spacing on nakago for a fourth hole. The nice thing is I can always switch back and forth between my two tsukas. As you can see it did require some work to install but as you see from the pictures it was definitely worth the effort.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff (verified owner)

    The tsuka is very comfortable to grip. The ito is very tight and nicely done. I ordered the 11 1/2 model which is perfect. The fact that there are various lengths to choose from is a nice feature.

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