Real Swords vs Fake Swords

A common question for us is: “Are the swords you sell REAL?”.

This isn’t the best way to look at it. A sword is meant to serve a purpose. If that purpose is to have something nice on display in your home, den, or office, pretty much any sword will do (as long as you like the look of it). Even very inexpensive swords can be beautifully designed and hand-painted. These swords are “real” in that they are made of metal, have a handle, a blade, etc. This usually isn’t what people mean though. 

If you are looking for something for practical use (cutting, for example), you should look for “battle-ready” swords. What does “battle-ready” mean?

Basically, battle-ready means that the sword was built to be functional and robust. This does NOT mean that it necessarily can be used in edge-to-edge combat (this is very hard on even the best swords). Battle-ready typically means that the sword has:






  1. Carbon steel blade (there are many types of steel with a wide range of advantages. Tool steels and high-carbon steels are typically the most highly sought-after. Check out our Guide to Sword Steels for an in-depth look at which steels to look for in a sword and why some are more expensive than others.
  2. Heat treated (tempered) blade. This alters the molecular structure of the steel and can make it harder, stronger and more durable.
  3. Full Tang (meaning the blade goes all the way through the handle). This is very important for ensuring the blade doesn’t bend or break and gives maximum leverage in hard swings between the handle and the tip of the blade.
  4. Constructed properly – The handle and all parts are made to deal with the rigors of cutting and in some cases, moderate force/combat. Again, there isn’t simply “well made” and “poorly made” categories – this is a sliding scale and generally you get what you pay for.

We sell a variety Samurai Battle-Ready Swords and Medieval Battle-Ready Swords. Anything you find there is suitable for cutting. If you ever have questions or want help deciding on what to buy, simply reach out to our team:

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One thought on “Real Swords vs Fake Swords”

  1. More than a comment, is more like an idea…
    How about a Katana, but instead of the original guard, it has like a Rapier guard
    make it a fantasy sword, a hybrid between samurai and pirate.
    I got the idea while watching One Piece, one of the protagonists ( Red Haired Shanks ) his swords looks like
    what I just described it.

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