Swords of the Past – Hanwei Tactical Katana

In this installation of Swords of the Past, we will be looking at one of the original “Tactical swords”; The Hanwei Tactical Katana.

Hanwei Tactical Katana

This sword, one of our best selling ever was discontinued a few years ago due to the manufacturer saying it could no longer produce this sword at a competitive price point. We have had many customers since say they would pay twice the original price just to get one. Rave reviews certainly paved the way for many other manufacturers to come out with their own version. See original pics and specs below:

The “Sidearm of the Samurai” gets a serious update in our Tactical Wak, designed for strenuous outdoor use and protection. Based on the blade geometry and superb cutting ability of the Paul Chen  Raptor series wakizashi but with full tang construction for ultimate strength, the Tactical Wak is equal to any required task and then some. The 5160 high-carbon spring steel blade is plasma coated for corrosion protection and the checkered Kraton handle provides a sure foul-weather grip. The fiberglass scabbard construction avoids water absorption and reduces carrying weight, while several lanyard holes and the included ParaCord provide carrying and backpack attachment options.

Overall: 31″ Blade Length: 20″ Handle Length: 8 1/2″ Weight: 1lb 14 oz. Blade Steel: 5160

sh2432_1 sh2432_2 sh2432_3

Since this sword is no longer available, we have a few other options:

Ten Ryu Tactical Katana – At a very low price point, this tactical sword is great for those who want one at the lowest price.

United Cutlery Tactical Katana – This is probably the closest thing to the Hanwei version and a very nice tactical sword

Condor Tactana – A great tactical katana with higher end specs.

Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete – Great price, Durability and all around fun version of a tactical sword.

In closing, we hope this legendary sword is made available again as for some customers, there is no substitute for the original.


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7 thoughts on “Swords of the Past – Hanwei Tactical Katana”

  1. Really interesting look at this sword! Seems like it’s got a good grip on it. It’s unfortunate that it’s no longer available though.

  2. So it’s not just me that emailed them, begging them to build more. If you are reading Hanwei, please give it a go some time! Maybe even make a better version? I have some ideas. Hey, maybe we should all email them design ideas for a new tactical range?

  3. I am a proud owner of both the Hanwei Tactical Katana and Wac. All I can say is these are probably the best swards I own, not in that they are beautiful works of art but in plain functionality, you can’t beat them. I take my tactical Wac with me backwoods camping, it is beside my bedroll and while some might think that’s a bit much, I feel safer having it. It really is a shame they stopped making these, I know people that would have paid double the selling price to have one if not both.

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