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How to fix or tighten a loose saya

Many people become nervous when their katana has a loose saya, well don’t be! It is a general part of katana maintenance and is very easy to fix! Simply follow the “how to” directions below and your saya will be tight in no time! To fix a loose saya literally takes minutes and will usually last for the life of the sword depending on use. You can also use a similar technique to fix .

How to sharpen a sword

Sword Sharpening
In this article, we will explain the proper way to sharpen your sword. This very much depends on your skill level and the availability of the right equipment. Fine high-end katana generally fall under the “do not try this at home” rule, as more damage than good can be done to these blades by untrained attempts at sharpening and, unless they are used for cutting very, very regularly they should rarely need sharpening. If, .