Top Swords of 2016

This is a complete list for Swords of Might’s picks of the top ten swords of 2016. Every year, we are asked “what is your best sword?” We always have to answer this with the question, “What do you want to use the sword for?” That is because the “best sword” is relative to the buyers needs and wants for owning a sword. That being said, we will break up our top swords list based on different categories such as best looking sword, best cutting sword and so on. Now grab a coffee, beer or juice box and enjoy!

Best Looking Swords of 2016

This of course is a totally opinionated listing as everyone has what they like as far as colors, shapes and so on, but these are our picks for best looking swords of 2016. We will attempt to pick a few different types of swords here so they are not all Samurai or Medieval…

Bushido Purple Raijin Folded KatanaThe bushido Raijin katana is consistently one of the most jaw dropping swords we offer. Most buyers tell us it is the most beautiful sword they have ever seen. We have to agree. With its purple ito and awesome folded steel blade, this functional sword is sure to turn heads.

Rittersteel War Sword

The Rittersteel War sword is always one of our favorite swords to admire. It might not be the best balanced sword, but is certainly is intimidating. The wide blade, dark wood handle and that pommel always opens eyes wide.

hanwei damascus marshall sword

We are suckers for pattern welds, folded and damascus steel. The Hanwei Marshall Damascus sword is a very simple sword, but when you get that blade in the light, the patterns are just beautiful.

Cold Steel Gim Sword

The Cold Steel Gim sword is not only functional, but quite the looker for anyone who wants a subtle, but nice looking Chinese sword.

Kingston Arms Crecy War Sword - Sharp

The Kingston Arms Crecy War Sword is a new addition from a new manufacturer vying for your medieval dollars. This sword, although simple, struck us as very beautiful the first time we opened up the box. Great leather work and functional to boot.

Hanwei Musashi 30th Anniversary Edition Katana

Every so many years, Hanwei makes a anniversary sword to commemorate their years of sword making. The 30th anniversary Musashi katana is gorgeous. With its folded blade and silver fittings, no one can pass on this one once it is seen. Only 250 will be made, making this katana very collectible.

Honorable Mentions:

Hanwei Folded Steel Zatoichi – Hanwei Tiger Elite Katana – Ryumon Sakura Katana

Top Battle Ready Swords

This is probably one of our hardest choices as there are so many awesome battle ready swords. Makers like Cold Steel, Ryumon, Hanwei and newcomers like Dragon King and Kingston arms make it particularly hard to choose this year. Either way, here are some of our top choices…

Ten Ryu Tactical Wakizashi

The Ten Ryu tactical Wakizashi and the bigger tactical katana have to be first on this list just based on customer reviews and our own experiences. These super econimical swords are perfect for the modern day warrior, outdoor adventurer and back yard cutter.

Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete

This is the year of tactical swords, and Cold steel has made a great one. This ultra fun sword is very durable and great for everything from clearing brush to tameshigiri.

Cold Steel Emperor Katana

The Cold Steel Emperor katana is as battle ready as a sword can be and also has beauty to boot. An excellent choice for any martial artist who wants a durable and great looking sword.

Cold Steel Chinese War Sword

The Cold Steel Chinese War Sword is a beast. Great for cutting and forms, this Chinese ware sword puts most others to shame.

Cutting Jian

The Hanwei made cutting Jian is one of the only Battle ready Jians on the market made for cutting. Had to be on the list.

Paul Chen Hanwei Kouga Ninjato

The Hanwei Kouga is a great looking and functional Ninja-to. A must have for any serious Ninja.

Paul Chen Hanwei Lion Dog Katana

The Hanwei Lion Dog katana could easily have been on our most beautiful list, but this is a cutting sword through and through.

Cold Steel Hand and a Half Sword

The Cold Steel hand and a half sword is perfect for medieval cutters. As with all CS swords, it will stand the test of time.

Dragon King Winter Sun Katana

This sword from newcomer Dragon King is a great entry into the battle ready Samurai swords arena. Great looks and performance.

Honorable Mentions:

Hanwei Albrecht Hand and Half – Hanwei Tori Elite Katana – Cold Steel Two Handed Great Sword

Top Economical Cutting Swords

This is our list of economical cutting swords that are perfect for the backyard warrior as well as the dojo professional. These swords are all under $300

Ryumon Folded Dragon Katana

The Ryumon folded dragon katana may not be the prettiest sword on the list, but for economical cutting, it cannot be beat.

Musashi Hand Honed Katana

The Musashi Hand honed katana is always a favorite cutting sword, and at under 60 dollars, may be the best value in any sword!

Paul Chen Practical Katana

The Hanwei practical katana has to be on this list as it is a regular sword for any beginner in the dojo and is a nice cutter at a great price.

Hanwei Cawood Sword

The Hanwei cawood sword is a great cutting sword for those looking into some medieval forms.

Cold Steel Grosse Messer

After seeing Cold Steel’s videos, everyone knows what a great cutter their Grosse Messer is. Nuff said….

Hanwei Tinker Pearce 9th Century Viking Sword

The Tinker pierce Viking sword is an excellent economical cutting sword for all of you Vikings out there!

Rhinelander Sword by Hanwei

The Hanwei made Rhinelander is not only an aesthetically pleasing sword, it is a great cutter at a great price.

Biggest Swords of 2016

We always have to smile when we see a huge sword. These are the biggest sword available as of right now. (We are talking size here)

Rittersteel Giant German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword

The Rittersteel Giant German Landsknechte Flamberge Sword is one of the biggest swords you will ever see.

Cold Steel Great Sword

The Cold Steel Great sword is like a massive scalpel. Scary to wield…

Musashi Battle Ready Odachi Samurai Sword

The Musashi Battle Ready Odachi Samurai Sword is a giant Samurai sword indeed.

Giant War Axe

We know, it is not a sword, but the Rittersteel Giant battle axe MADE us add it to the list…

Top Honors – Best Swords of 2016 by Category

These swords are our top picks for best of the best. These are our unbiased opinions on the ultimate sword of each type if we had to choose one.

Top Samurai Sword of 2016

This is never a hard choice for us….

Hanwei Oni Katana

The Hanwei oni katana may forever be our favorite katana. This large Samurai sword is the ultimate in bad-assery and we have yet to be impressed with a blade like the first time we opened one of these. This one may never be overtaken…

Best Medieval Sword 2016

The best medieval sword is always one of our hardest choices. The way we choose this one is like the rest. If we could only have one, which would it be?

Kingston Arms Crecy War Sword - Sharp

This year, the brand new Kingston Arms Crecy war sword has to take the honor. Very impressed by the fit, feel and finish of this one.

Best Chinese Sword 2016

Hand Forged Damascus Han Dynasty Sword

We may get some hate mail for this one, but this Han dynasty sword is one of our favs for this year. Love the pattern damascus blade…

Top Fantasy Sword 2016

Since fantasy swords are all about looks, this is purely based on our likes in fantasy

Conan Father Sword

This unlicensed Conan Father sword is a really great replica for an incredible price.

Top Movie Sword 2016

Like our top Samurai sword, this may never change…

Officially Licensed Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword

The iconic Atlantean sword from Conan the Barbarian may never leave our top spot for best movie sword. We love Kill Bill and Lord of the Rings, but this is Conan!

Top Ninja Sword 2016

Paul Chen Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninjato

The Hanwei Shinobi Ninjato is perfect for any would be Ninja and at a great price point, it is very accessible.

Top Stage Combat Sword 2016

Kingston Arms Tourney Arming Sword Blunt

You cannot beat this newcomer for stage combat. Built to last, this sword is the perfection in stage reenactment swords.

Top Sword Cane 2016

This was an easy one…

Cold Steel Heavy Duty Sword Cane

The cold steel heavy duty sword cane is our most sold and best received cane sword for its durability and concealability.

Top Fencing Sword 2016

And the winner is…

Cold Steel Cavalier Rapier

The Cold Steel Cavalier rapier is brand new and also our top pick for 2016 for fencing style swords and rapiers.

Closing comments

Well, we hope you have enjoyed our top swords list for 2016 and we may add some as the year goes on as some makers are still introducing new swords this year. Do you have any top picks? Did we miss any that you think should be in this list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. I used to like Cold Steel a lot. I’ve just been finding a drop in quality since 2013 for some reason. Don’t get me wrong – they still make great stuff. It’s just not AS great.

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