Who would win: Link vs Cloud Strife?

Link vs. Cloud Strife– who would win? We analyze their strengths and weaknesses and present our arguments for each, and let our fans decide by voting on Facebook. You can see the whole draw on the Tournament of Champions – Retro Edition draw page.

Who would come out on top? You decide! See our analysis below and add your comments to the discussion!

Why Link would beat Cloud Strife:

Link might look the underdog in this match-up, but he comes with a literal bag of tricks. Bombs, boomerangs, bow & arrows… Link is equipped for battle as well as adventure. Cloud’s bigger blade would make quick work of Link if left unchecked, but Link has fought many fast, strong opponents in the past. His ability to bide his time, dodge and protect himself while working out his opponent’s weaknesses is second to none.

Cloud has never fought anyone quite like Link and I think he would be surprised to find how much difficulty his younger opponent gives him. Cloud doesn’t have much in the way of defense. The Buster sword deals unblockable blows but how would Cloud defend against Link’s stunning boomerang, relentless arrows and bombs? If Cloud somehow managed to get through Link’s long-range barrage, by the time he was close enough to deal a blow, Link could dodge, roll and slip away from the fight only to start the barrage over again.

And let’s not forget, Link is no slouch with his sword and shield. Though he likely couldn’t withstand a Buster sword attack head-on, all he’d need to do is dodge or deflect one of Cloud’s hail-Mary attacks and he would be in good position to hamstring his opponent with his sword or bash him with his shield.

The fight goes to the young hero of Hyrule!





Why Cloud Strife would defeat Link:

Cloud is genetically, physically, mentally and experientially superior to Link in almost every way. Cloud has been facing off against heroes and monsters for years whereas Link’s direct combat experience is much more limited as he spends most of his time adventuring. In a one-on-one fight, Cloud has the advantage.

Defensively, all Cloud has to do is survive long enough to get within striking distance of Link to end the fight. Cloud is built to withstand one or two attacks from his opponent and he is more than capable of dodging as needed. And let’s not forget he has powerful magic on his side as well – something Link has not dealt with.

Offensively, Cloud’s combat training, killer instinct and powerful weapon would be more than Link could handle. Could Link dodge him? Maybe. What about if Cloud altered time to speed up his reflexes and slow down those of Link? Almost certainly not.

Cloud wins this fight every time.


The rest is up to you. Who will win in this unlikely match-up? Cast your vote on our Facebook page and add to the discussion in the comments!


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