Who would win: Mario vs Link

Perhaps not the most likely candidates for the finals, but alas, Mario and Link have left opponents in their wake left right and center. The final face-off for the highly coveted Retro Game Hero Champion will be decided by YOU.

Will it be everyone’s favorite plumber or the young hero of Hyrule? Read our analysis below and cast your vote on our Facebook Page.

You can see the whole draw on the Tournament of Champions – Retro Edition draw page.


Why Mario would defeat Link:

First of all, the powerful plumber can jump 20 feet in the air and regularly squashes enemies as such. Think about that. If you saw a 250lb fat Italian man in red coveralls running towards you, and then he jumped up 20 feet in the air and came crashing down towards you… do you think you would survive?

He might seem underrated and underpowered but there’s a reason he made it this far. Mario defies gravity and the laws of physics on a daily basis in such an unassuming, and yet deadly way.

Facing off against Link would likely be his greatest adversary yet, and Mario would take it in stride. He doesn’t usually have to think much about his opponents, he just runs in (princess or no) and jumps on anything without a spike. He has made a career of avoiding injury, and Link doesn’t have any tools that Mario hasn’t seen before. With his mid-air dexterity and his physics-defying jumps, not to mention the many power-ups available to him,

Mario would avoid Link’s range weapons and get in close enough for the big squash, thus tragically ending the tale of our young champion.



Why Link would defeat Mario:

While Link is not used to fighting a “jumper”, he is very well-equipped to take on the fat plumber. Mario has seen bombs, boomerangs and projectiles before, but he hasn’t seen swords before. Link’s sword negates what would otherwise be a close combat advantage. If Mario tried his favorite move (the jump), Link could simply roll aside and counter-attack back with a hamstring slash, shrinking Mario down.

At range, granted, Mario would adeptly dodge many of Link’s attacks, but all he needs is 2 hits to finish off the plumber, and he should be able to find them through a combination of his bombs, arrows, magic sword slash projectiles, boomerang and even his grappling hook.

Should Mario get a fire flower or leaf powerup, Link simply has to remain on guard and exploit his opportunities. Link is durable enough to withstand a few hits – enough for him to get in close. And no matter which of Mario’s attacks he uses, he is temporarily vulnerable. Fire flowers require him to stand still, and the leaf requires him to come in at very close range. Link can exploit either opportunity equally well.

Barrage, dodge, withstand, counter attack, finishing blow. The fight would be epic, but in all likelihood, our young hero would come out on top.


So there you have it. Now it’s up to you to decide who will win of these unlikely finalists in our Tournament of Champions. Cast your vote and add to the discussion in the comments!

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