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Welcome to Swords of Might and our family of Wholesalers! We welcome business partners from all over to enjoy our program which will afford your customers with timely shipping and great prices. If you are a business selling swords in the retail or internet medium and have been looking for wholesale swords and dropship suppliers, then your search is over. We carry all of the top brands and most wanted swords on the planet! We will dropship all of your orders from our warehouse in Dallas, TX directly to your customers with our fast and reliable service. If you are in a retail or brick and mortar situation then we can also accommodate you by shipping the best in swords and related merchandise right to your doorstep. Follow the simple steps below to get started today!

For the regular jobber or flea market person, our incredibly low prices here should suffice as they are already lower than wholesale in most respects. If you are a power seller or wish to order a huge quantity of merchandise, then please continue below.

  1. Sign up for an account here
  2. Contact us and send us a copy of your business license and or tax ID
  3. We will contact you with your wholesale details within 24-48 hours